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How To Find A Nursing Home!

No matter what you call it, assisted living homes, aged care facilities, assisted living care, adult retirement communities, an adult daycare center, they are all nursing home facilities. The reality is that we all grow old and as the grim reaper waits to take us away at the moment most of us like to think about, many of us will need help caring for ourselves in our elderly years. Whether it's due to poor health or simply from being unable to function properly due to old age, we will need to consider a lifestyle that will enable others to help with out well-being.

Usually this means one or more a nursing care homes would be an option to help us in our elderly years. Choosing the right convalescent home is one of the most important decisions an elderly person or family members could make.

First off, making the decision to utilize the services of a nursing home facility can be extremely difficult as there are a lot of options to weigh. Most of the time, the decision to make the move is escalated due to some type of illness or stress. The emotional burden can be enormous not only for the elderly patient but also for the family members as well.

Since this is a very important and life changing decision, it is especially important to do a nursing home comparison on several facilities. You want to make sure that the facilities you are considering meet certain standards and guidelines so that you or your loved on can receive the quality care and lifestyle he or she deserves.

You should conduct your personal nursing home evaluations to determine if the environment is a safe, friendly and comfortable one and to also make sure the long term care facility has the residents best interests at heart. Without doing the proper research, finding a nursing home can be a very difficult task.

Here are Top Tips on How to Find A Nursing Home!

When considering any nursing home facility, ask the following about the licensing and staff credentials of the following:

  • How does the facility handle safety issues? Do they make it a priority?
  • How are emergency situations handled and what are the precautionary measures?
  • How many smoke detectors are there and are they functional?
  • Where are the fire extinguishers and how often are they checked?
  • Are the safety procedures adequate with clearly marked exits?
  • Is travel within the facility unobstructed?
  • Is the facility wheelchair accessible?
  • Are the floors to slippery or carpets to thick?
  • Are the residents independent?
  • Are their handrails in the bathrooms?

A resident in a nursing home facility should feel comfortable. Ask the following questions to determine what types of comfort is provided:

  • Is there a feeling of "community" and well-being?
  • Do the residents feel alert, groomed, well-fed, healthy and happy?
  • Is the interaction caring and friendly between other residents and co-workers?
  • A really good point to take note of is do the staff members know the residents by name or do they refer to them in another fashion?
  • A facility dedicated to comfort and quality service will provide services on each floor such as laundry, linen, monthly housekeeping, maintenance and scheduled transportation.
  • Do they have a hair salon and gift shops?
  • Is there individually heating and air conditioning within each room?

At any age, quality of life is very important so any assisted living nursing homes should provide social and other recreational activities. Questions to consider are:

  • What types of activities?
  • How often are activities held and who leads them?
  • Are wellness programs provided such as: spiritual, fitness, recreational and social?
  • Is there an exercise time?
  • Is exercise equipment available?
  • Does the nursing home have a fitness instructor on staff?
  • What types of social and individual activities are offered?
  • Are there activity centers such as a library room, computer room, craft and game room or workshops?
  • Are there walking paths on the property?

Health services provided and questions to ask:

  • Are there various levels of health care to short term programs available?
  • Are assessments made to determine the proper level of care for each resident?
  • Is there proper personal and medication management?
  • Are nurses readily available and on call?
  • If the facility offers short term rehabilitation programs, is there a private wing with private rooms and a dining area ?
  • Is there specialized staff for special needs patients?
  • Are personal care plans available and provided?

Financial issues to consider When choosing a nursing home:

  • Is the entrance fee guaranteed to be refunded?
  • Does the nursing home facility accept Medicaid and Medicare plans?
  • Are there any other services provided that will include a fee?
  • Does the facility help manage the residents finances and if so, to what degree.

When do a nursing home search, remember that a good one will pursue quality and make improvements. Ask these questions:

  • Are programs in place to evaluate their services and determine how they can get better?
  • Is their continual staff training? If so, how often?

Doing the proper research can help you to find a nursing home that will best fit your needs and provide the most quality care.

In order to help you find the best nursing care homes, we have developed a database of assisted living care facilities. Choosing the best convalescent home is much easier when using our database of assisted living care facilities across the United States.

Search our informative database and to help you make the best long term care decision today!

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