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Making Changes in Pennsylvania Nursing Homes!

The Department of Health is taking on the challenge in making changes in Pennsylvania nursing homes. Having the third largest senior population in the United States, Pennsylvania is in an original position to lead in setting the ideal of long-term quality care. With over 90,000 residents in more than 700 nursing facilities, the two year proposal being called the Nursing Care Facilities Best Practices Project will identify the areas in each nursing home that need to be addressed to. In a nut shell, the purpose for this action will let the Department of Health understand what category Pennsylvania pa nursing homes fall into.

Patterns of care targeted for quality improvement in Pennsylvania nursing homes were assessed by the team. Improvement in eating and dressing, improved pain management, and improved treatment of depression were the most prevalent quality concerns that were selected for best-practice pilot protocols. All the data collected by the MDs on the nursing homes performances were revised. Besides the residents benefiting from the project, the staff of the facilities reaped some the awards as well. Improvement of staff satisfaction, strengthened interdisciplinary approaches and communication, and increase consistency of internal systems are fantastic changes made for the better of the facilities and nursing home providers.

Once two years were up, the completion of the proposition had remarkable results. Long term care nursing homes across the states responded with immediate interest and support. Over seeing 100 nursing homes volunteered to participate in the public works a second time. Twenty facilities were actually chosen for the next two years. The first ten selected were designed as test sites and the second ten as control sites. Having the twenty facilities split into two categories allows the Department of Health survey patterns of care that could be targeted for quality improvement.

Looking at the assignment as a whole, more referrals of residents in Pennsylvania nursing homes were made to physicians, dietitians, therapists, and social workers about the excellent new care they were receiving. The satisfaction the staff received from seeing the improvements they made in nursing home Pennsylvania care was familial. The workers were more sensitive care planers and their efforts resulting in better care, increased levels of independence, more positive self-esteem, and enhance quality of life for residents. To sum up things, this made nursing homes in Pennsylvania a better place for it's staff and their residents.

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