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Abuse in New York Nursing Homes!

Any kind of abuse happens worldwide, weather it be child, sexual, animal, or even emotional abuse. Finding abuse for example in New York nursing homes is not uncommon.

Lets go back in time 20 years. You are a hard working mother of three and you have a babysitter pick your children up after school and watch them until you or your husband gets home from work. Recently, you notice some suspicious bruising on your children's arms and legs. You ask the babysitter and she explains what happens and the explanations sound questionable, but you cant prove anything. Now lets fast forward it back here to the present. In this same situation now if you had any suspicion at all you would just go out and buy a surveillance camera for 200 bucks and see for yourself.

In the city New York nursing homes are uniquely unshielded to abuse and neglect. In a New York nursing home, use of security cameras in residents rooms led to the arrest of 19 employees who had allegedly failed to provide even the most basic care for their patients and there was different forms of abuse going on as well. Family members even placed hidden video cameras in their loved one's room because they have noticed unknown bruises and cuts.

If you do suspect your loved one is suffering or has suffered from any form of neglect or abuse, contacting the local police station is advisable right away. Once you file the negligence report, following that step it is best to consult with an experienced New York nursing home attorney or a lawyer from your state. If you survey consequences, such as poor hygiene and unclean conditions in the nursing home, bed sores, be aware that these could be additional evidence of neglect.

New York nursing homes are required by the state and federal government to accommodate particular requirements referring to the care they provide to the seniors. Manhattan nursing homes and Albany nursing homes are just a few cities in New York that have follow these circumstances.

Naturally, anyone who has made the decision to place a loved one into a New York nursing home, assume the nursing administrators and working staff have the residents' well being in mind. Many of us understand that nursing facilities are supposed to provide professional care for the elders who can't care for themselves, right? However, there are an abundant amount of cases and reports of nursing home negligence in nursing facilities. Simple signs to look for if your loved one is a victim of physical or emotional abuse: bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, burns, broken bones, changes in behavior, and mood swings are all signs one should look for in their elder.

A top nursing home New York abuse lawyer will be able to accommodate you and represent your loved one if the acts of negligence is visible and apparent. If the staff members have been caught in the act of inflecting abuse of any kind on elderly home residents, the attorney will recommend a lawsuit on the assisted living facility immediately.

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