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Many Louisiana Nursing Homes Have a Bad Reputation!

Over the past several years Louisiana nursing homes have acquired a disastrous reputation. Many reports on have even stated several problems with the Louisiana nursing home association. That is one of the major reason elderly people dread being placed in a nursing facility. However, there are other options in Louisiana. Long term care homes are a great choice for someone who needs special attention at all times. It is very important that you consult with a medical care physician before you decide and your loved one loses their independence, privacy, and personal freedom.

Louisiana assisted living facilities are a great alternative. Assisted Living Facilities known as ALF, are for seniors who need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), but also wish to live as independently as possible for as long as achievable. The purpose for Louisiana assisted living facilities are to fill in the gap between independent living and Louisiana nursing homes.

For the seniors that are not able to live by themselves, but do not require constant care, assisted living centers are a remarkable option for them. The facilities offer their residents assistance with Activities of Daily Living such as eating, bathing, housekeeping, laundry, and dressing. Most of the long term care can provide medical care as well, however, with this option might not be readily available to residents as it is in a nursing home.

There are variables you need to consider before making the decision on weather to send your loved one to a Louisiana assisted living facility or other type of home.

  • Cost is a huge issue because assisted living facilities are more expensive and feature apartment-like atmospheres giving the resident a feeling of privacy and still living on their own. Long term care homes cost less, however the seniors there live in a more communal space with a hospital feel, and very little private space.
  • Medicare is also something you have to look into. Medicare is usually available for nursing home residents, but may not be for someone in a assisted living facility.
  • Looking at both facilities at a whole, a homes focus is on a large collective group of individuals. Taking a glance at assisted living centers, their attention is on a single resident at a time.
  • While Louisiana nursing homes house an extreme amount amount of elders and receive far less individual care. Louisiana assisted living centers take care of one or few seniors at a time and are given all the help and assistance he or she needs.
  • Nursing home facilities are meant to aid for people who have a lot of health care necessities, and cannot care for themselves. The assisted living facilities of Louisiana, assist seniors who are able to care for most of their personal needs themselves.
  • Since Louisiana nursing homes have a hospital atmosphere about it, they offer skilled nurses to provide the patients with the correct care, these facilities are referred to as skilled. In an assisted living homes, they do not offer skilled nurses, but provide care available upon request.
  • Basically Louisiana assisted living facilities are meant to assist people in household chores and their ADLs like: preparing meals, bathing, dressing, and cleaning. If your loved one is suffering with memory problems, these types of homes could be the answer. Now if they are dealing with chronic illnesses or debilitating disease condition, a Louisiana nursing home is the solution.

When considering the welfare for your loved one, you should take in many different considerations when choosing the best long term care. Louisiana nursing homes offer a variety of options,

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