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Kentucky Nursing Homes Face a Huge Problem!

Pertaining to a Kentucky nursing home survey found in 1993, that half of all Kentuckians lack science skills and simple math skills that are required to face the challenges in the work force today which is causing Kentucky nursing homes to face a huge problem. Paper headlines indicated that the states' increasing rate of adult learning disabilities are alarming and a finger is being pointed at their basic skills and work ethics for the decline. With the work force frailty, long term care facilities that are the most stable and largest, fast growing industry in Kentucky are being effected. As old staffers retire, there should always be a new employee right in to pick up were the retired staffer left off.

Kentucky assisted living facilities and other long-term-care providers are in competition with other industries in the state. Nursing home reports say that about 25,000 care-givers in the state of Kentucky, and the state needs more to cover all the facilities. When new entry level employees are hired, the facilities must offensively attack the feat of improving the basic skill levels of new workers. If the workers don't embark the important qualities to be employed in a nursing home they are turned away.

Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF) represent 266 for-profit nursing homes. The Association is combined together with the Kentucky Cabinet for Workforce Development in a project to create a Job Advantage Program. This program is advised to insure that nursing homes in Kentucky will provide more positions and make them attainable to entry-level employees. Also this should influence them to sit tight in the positions they take.

A Kentucky nursing home administrator understands the fullness of this method. In the gist of all of this, there are five spots being trained and the center of long term care nursing homes authority offer quality care. The administrators and management staff got to spot this, for these employees can make or break a business. The employees should be paid well, get recognition for the good they do, be trained well and effective, and be listened to, to ensure them that they are appreciated there.

The program provided by the KAHCF and the Kentucky Cabinet for Workforce Development are working on, will touch each of these subjects: math, reading, writing, communication and general problem-solving to give the entry-level employees applied and occupation structure before starting them in their career. This program will help everyone to be able to establish their daily tasks with no trouble what so ever.

The courses for the curriculum will start with a 13-person council, focusing on business, industry and labor. Interviews were constructed on specific nursing home jobs to locate the workers basic skills from their strongest to weakest abilities. After these tests were established an expert opinion was sought after to determine what skills that specific employee had and needed to acquire. Once this was all established, the employees could be placed as directed by the Kentucky board of nursing home administrators to the appropriate nursing facility.

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