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What to expect from Connecticut Nursing Homes

When searching for nursing home information about Connecticut nursing homes there are a lot of factors to consider. Assisted living homes offer excellent benefits and services across all of the state no matter the location. You can find a quality product in a Windsor nursing home or a Vernon nursing home it just takes a little research on your part. It can be staggering to consider, but Connecticut retirement communities have about 25,000 residents in as many as 220 nursing homes. With as many choices as you can have it is consoling to know each Connecticut nursing home offers basic services and rights to each resident. In the following article you will learn what exactly you can expect from CT nursing homes.

Each CT nursing home is licensed by the state to have the right to operate. The state demands that each facility meets certain regulations and are certified to meet the standards of Connecticut home care. Besides obtaining these certifications through nursing home inspections every one must adhere to a Resident's Bill of Rights. This required Bill of Rights is required by both state and federal laws, and contains basic rights that every person living at the home is required to receive. This can be requested during a visit to any nursing home in Connecticut, and is required to be handed out if requested.

Here is a very broad overview of what is contained in the Bill. When living in nursing homes Connecticut demands you be given these rights and freedoms:

  • freedom from neglect and abuse
  • freedom from restraint
  • right of respect
  • freedom from discrimination
  • right to keep property
  • right to privacy
  • right to decide your living arrangements
  • right to keep and control your money
  • right to receive information
  • right to medical and social services
  • freedom to leave
  • freedom from being unfairly discharged
  • right to complain
  • right to receive visitors
  • right to keep family and legal guardians

Ombudsman are also available and can be utilized to make sure the nursing home in CT gives excellent care, and they also help resolve disputes over the building, staffing, other residents, and level of care. Ombudsman are specially trained with knowledge of Connecticut senior care and can help connect your loved one to programs and services that may help them. They can also give you information on how to contact an attorney among other services.

Along with certification the state also surveys and looks into reports of neglect and abuse of all kinds. These surprise inspections take place approximately every year, or as they receive complaint reports. This is to make sure each facility is up to code, and your loved one is somewhere healthy and safe.

When you search for Connecticut assisted living it is helpful to know they are available throughout the state each with different levels of care available. They may be non-profit, or a private business, but all should provide long-term care to the seriously ill. Some nursing homes in Connecticut even provide short stays, rehabilitation services, or provide care for mental disorders.

As we've outlined here Connecticut nursing homes have some excellent basic benefits you can expect from them. If you have any question or concerns always consult the administration or staff and they should be glad to help you. By being educated on these basic rights and services you can ensure that anyone staying in Connecticut nursing homes have a pleasant and safe stay.

Hopefully you've found a quality facility in Connecticut but if not Massachusetts Nursing Homes offer similar benefits and is a popular choice for long term elder care.

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