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What Is A Veterans Nursing Home?

A veterans nursing home is care facility providing long term healthcare for America's heroes. Veteran nursing homes have exemplified the honorable military traditions of this nation for nearly a century and a half-since their establishment after the Civil War. The idea to assist veterans in their elderly care came from the New Jersey Governor, Marcus L. Ward, who had tremendous concern for the sick and wounded soldiers of the Civil War. He was very committed to the veterans and its citizens because he did not believe when the war was over his obligations to the state were over. However, over the past years, veteran nursing homes have been going down hill. On top of that list funding continues to drop and the federal government is giving less money to the facilities. With the new budget for veteran health care, states are finding different ways to make changes to the nursing homes that do not require much of the inconsiderable budget.

Veterans nursing homes enjoy an original community involvement that results in a "value added" living atmosphere and progressive quality of life for every veteran resident. In addition to sharing the widespread bond of patriotism and military service with one another, veteran home residence also endure dedicated volunteers from local veteran organizations and active-duty military units who visit the homes frequently. With these special visitors, residents can share stories of service, enjoy home activities, and participate in social events and outings.

The veteran senior community in Maine are reaping the benefits of new improvement programs. On November 12, 2002, the federal government's Nursing Home Quality Initiative, was launched nationally with new emphasis to improve the quality in nursing home care. Maine's veterans nursing homes administration support this proposal. They maintain a revelation of information to consumers that will help them make a well-versed decision and welcome Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services to improve the technical assistance program to help nursing homes, and their excellent improvement strategies.

The goal is to provide a veteran with the best health care with an enjoyable pleasant environment, to provide them with a safe, warm and comforting security place while being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

If you are looking for a care facility, you can also check into other care facilities such as: private nursing homes, assisted living nursing homes, a skilled nursing home or a Medicare nursing home. Search out database of facilities to find the best veterans nursing home care option in your area today

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