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Private Nursing Homes Not Without Problems!

Private nursing home care is available to those who do not need government assistance to afford the costs of a nursing home. Private nursing homes have a permanent repertoire of providing long-term care for seniors, however, as with the rest of the nursing home industry, private nursing homes are not without their problems. For research purposes, an observational study took place at a private nursing home care facility with a research assistant who was a trained nurse. She documented three areas of concern. The private facility looked after 25 seniors ranging from the age of 62 to 90 years old (average age being 81). The staff were aware of their role at the facility. The first month of her disembark was just an observation period which enabled her to integrate into the staff. The following month of her observation, a consultant visited the facility weekly to discuss with her the experiences at the facility.

In that short period of time, the research nurse developed a working relationship with the staff and discovered the major issues with the facility. The issues fall into three broad categories: medical, nursing, and bureaucratic.

Medical Matters:
Ten of the 25 residents were not being seen by their general practitioners for at least four months. Eight of those ten residents were totally dependent on them and two of the seniors did not improve within that short period of time of the nurses observation. The outcome of these cases meant that the staff did not contact the seniors general practitioners or the general practitioners were not content on visiting the facility. With the inadequate communication between doctors and staff, the staff failed to comprehend the importance of the responses to the residents medical symptoms.

Nursing Issues:
Apparent problems with the nursing staff were found frequent though the facility. Nine out of the 25 patients acquired scores on the Norton risk scale for pressure sores under 14 (below 14 on the scale is determined as a risk). Four of these patients had scores less than 10. The private nursing home care facility did not possess a clear policy for individual patients. Nine seniors in the facility were unable to contain themselves while seven were doubly incontinent. Four of those patients were catheterized to satisfactory, but the nursing staff was unable to keep up with taking care of the waste. Lifting the patients is a skill often lacked by the staff, particularly the care assistants which is very important to know how to do in a retirement facility.

Bureaucratic Matters:
One patient's mishap in particular hits this topic. The patient was receiving anti coagulants and was supposed to be attending a hospital clinic for their appointment and was unable to get transportation from the facility to the hospital clinic. The senior's general practitioner was unwillingly to undertake the venesection. The staff did not have approval of the health authority, though willingly wanted to help. The patient called a taxi to transport himself to the clinic.

If you have the financial resources, private nursing homes can be a good choice over a Medicaid nursing home or a skilled nursing home. However, there are other assisted living nursing homes such as veterans nursing homes or chains such as Manor Nursing Home. Make sure you do your proper research on the ability of the facility to care for the needs of it's residents.

You can learn all you need to know about private nursing homes in your area by searching our database where we rank the quality of care. Get informed today!

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