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Choosing Between Assisted Living Nursing Homes
and Nursing Homes

Assisted living nursing homes are a great alternative for elderly people who are seeking senior care housing but who are not yet ready to be placed in a nursing home. Assisted living facilities are an excellent choice because it allows the elderly to still be independent with help from assistants if needed. An assisted living care home bridges the gap between independent living and full service care homes.

Over the lapsed decades nursing homes have been given a bad reputation due to the many issues and problems they have. That reason alone is why many elderly are very wary about being placed in them. Even if the facility is a very good one, the resident is still going to lose their independence, personal freedom and privacy. That's why it is important before jumping the gun and placing them into a care facility that you determine if your loved one needs that constant looking after or just needing some assistance to help them accomplish certain tasks. That is why assisted living care homes are a great option.

Assisted living care homes offer residents help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), for those who are not able to live by themselves, but they do not require the constant care of someone being there at all times. The residents will receive help with their ADLs for example: dressing, housekeeping, medication, laundry, eating, bathing.

Marking the Difference between continuing care communities:

The decision on whether to send your loved one to an assisted living care home or a nursing home depends on many factors, such as the following:

  • Price: Assisted living care homes are more expensive than nursing homes. Assisted living residents live in apartment-like settings, whereas, in nursing homes the residents live in communal space with little to no privacy.

  • Medicare: A Medicare nursing home is almost always available for someone who needs financial assistance. However, medicare or a medicaid nursing home may not be for someone living in an assisted living facility.

  • Facilities: Assisted living care homes are focused more on the individuals and their needs. Nursing homes are focused on the collective group and rarely give each resident personal time.

  • Place: While an assisted living nursing home is a location for one or very few elderly at a time, a nursing home houses many patients.

  • Assisted living facilities are meant to assist elderly persons who can basically meet most of their personal needs themselves. Nursing homes are meant for people who have a lot of health care requirements, and cannot care for themselves.

  • Skilled nursing home care is not usually available except on an as-needed basis in assisted living nursing homes. A care facility is more like a hospital environment and provides full-scale nursing care.

  • Assisted living facilities help loved ones with their ADLs. These places are a great choice for your loved ones if they have problems like minor memory loss or confusion, but if they contain medical problems like debilitation, disease or others a nursing home is probably the better choice for them.

Surprisingly there are many factors to look into before deciding on whether to use a nursing home or an assisted living care home. There are several types of nursing homes to consider such as a veterans nursing home or a private nursing home. In order to make such a hard decision you should look into all your possibilities before making the final judgment.

This is why we have ranked care facilities across the United States to help you make the most informed decision when choosing the best assisted living nursing homes or other nursing homes in your area. Search our database to get informed today!

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