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Types of Nursing Home Care In Various Facilities

A common situation where many elderly find themselves being placed under supervision of long term care providers comes after some type of medical condition which requires hospitalization. Until this time, nursing facility care has never been considered. However, now that the hospital has completed their medical services for your immediate need, you our your loved one are approached by the discharge planner at the hospital and now told that a nursing home facility is needed in order to be rehabilitated. They will provide you a list of aged care facilities in your area, but by law, cannot recommend which one to go to.

Some area facilities will have their admissions staff visiting the hospitals on a daily basis to seek out new residents. If you are lucky enough to come across this person, he or she will review you our your loved ones medical file and decide if the required care and stay will fit the mix of the facility.

The facility wants to make sure that there is a proper balance between the needs required of the potentially new resident and the current demands of the staff. Other factors that are considered will be the costs and how it will be paid for. However, law forbids that any long term care or assisted living facility discriminate against anyone regardless of how the care will be paid for. No matter if the funding comes through Medicaid, Medicare, an HMO insurance plan or any other type of long term care insurance.

Keep in mind that although aged care facilities provide the services to care for the elderly and provide a place to live comfortably through assisted living, they are also in business and businesses operate to make money and they must make payroll in order to provide their services. In other words, they will look for the maximum reimbursement for their services.

Now that you or your loved one has been screened, the issues becomes deciding which care facility to enroll in, within the time frame allowed by the hospital. Also, keep in mind that in regards for the interests of the hospital, their reason to get you or your loved one in a home is for financial purposes. They don't want to continue care in their hospital because they will no longer get paid for their services once the reimbursement funding runs out. The hospital will not have your best interests at heart as they will want to get you into a nursing home facility but cannot force you into one or send you to one that you are not agreeable to.

It would be in your best interests to determine which nursing home in your area is the best fit for you. You can even ask the discharge planner at the hospital where they would place their loved on should they be placed in a similar position. Discuss your observations about each care facility with the hospital's discharge planner. As long as the hospital knows you're making good faith effort to locate a nursing home in you area they'll less likely pressure you to find one. You don't want to be rushed into selecting an elderly care facility based on being rushed to get out of the hospital. You need to do the proper research to finding the right care facility for you.

Nursing home care in long term care facilities can vary greatly. When searching for assisted living services, it is very important to understand the types of facilities that are available when determining the proper care. Types of facilities to consider are:

Assisted Living Nursing Homes
Skilled Nursing Home
Private Nursing Home
Veterans Nursing Home

Finding the right nursing home in your area can be a difficult task, especially when facing the pressure of being rushed into a decision. For this reason, in order to help you find the right long term care facility for your needs, we have ranked nursing homes across the nation to help you make the right decision. Get educated today by searching our database to locate the right facility to fit your needs. Making a bad decision can be a costly mistake and one we can help you avoid! Learn more about the facilities in your area today!

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